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Setup & Shopping Cart Integration

Similar to establishing a physical store, eCommerce shops are hinged on safe, reliable, and consistent experiences. Security is also crucial for your customers, which is why implementing SSL certificates to guarantee safe transactions is mandatory. We include every necessary step of server protection, to assure you that communications are passing securely. We can add eCommerce to an existing site, tighten up your current shop security, or we can add this option to any new site! Includes 19 products.

Inventory Building

Once you’ve securely integrated your online shop, it's time to begin adding products. This can be a daunting task regardless of your inventory size or product range. Make Directory can help publish your products online: from picture editing to description creations, we’ve got you covered. And the best part? Our online store building comes with an up-to-date .csv file so you can have a copy of the entire inventory and stock list stored for your convenience. Then it’s up to you. We can continue to manage your shop’s inventory, or we can show you how to keep everything up to date on your own. Everything is managed with an easy to use admin interface.

Inventory Management

Updating your products shouldn’t be an intensive task. By syncing your online database with a current .csv file, we can track your inventory and launch online stores on multiple platforms effortlessly. Each item will be located in appropriate categories, to produce ease of navigation and searchability for you and your customers. Isn’t it time to take your online presence to the next level?


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