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Welcome to Make Directory.

We’ll take it from here.

With a commitment to our craft, and a dedication to our clients, we see your entire digital project through; from User Interface Design, Product Management, Server Security, Software Testing, Production Environments, and more. We provide your business with professional custom tailored products and support.

Whether you have a clearly defined idea, or an exciting new endeavor, we will work with you to realize your vision.

Step One <informational>

Every project will start with answering these key question: What is the purpose of your project? What are the project’s individual goals? Who is your target demographic? What is the content that will convey your message?

The answers to these questions will be compounded with market research, and together we can generate a scope of work specific to your project’s needs.

Step Two <organizational>

Through an in-depth analysis of project details and scope of work, content will be gathered and organized into a site map. This will be elaborated on through the constructing of wireframes including a flowchart of the user interface, for your project’s front end.

This step will also include selecting which methods will best suit your goals, and this may involve choosing necessary APIs to integrate, and determining the best technologies to create the perfect product.

Step Three <creativity>

Building the front end will cover every stage of design from branding, standard of graphics, themes, and all other aspects contained in your scope of work. You will be presented with mockups and flowcharts that articulate how the user will navigate your project. We’ll then begin building the designs for your project, during this portion of the project, we need lots of customer input to keep moving forward at a steady pace. Once we’ve worked out the kinks, it's on to the next step.

Step Four <developmental>

Development begins after the design stage, resulting from a complete understanding of the project’s functionality and goals. After reviewing industry best practices for your specific needs, and an in-depth analysis of current standards for technologies, our team of developers will set forth on creating flexible code ensuring no risks or errors occur with integration down the road. Once the front-end meets our satisfaction, back end work will enable the core functions, and your app will take on a usable form. Throughout this stage in development, team communication will keep you informed and involved with each milestone.

Step Five <proofing/delivery>

Once your project is nearing completion, we will brief you for testing, proofing, and a resulting delivery date for approval. With your input, any bug fixes or decision edits will take place before publishing. We do extensive testing before releasing our products, sometimes including you in portions and features of your project, to ensure satisfaction and external approval. By the end of this stage, your project is nearing completion.

Step Six <support/publish>

The last portion of our process includes setting up your hosting server and domain name, then migrating the contents of your project to your new server. The final rundown of features (forums, maps, contacting, login functions, etc.) are verified as completed, marking the final stage of development. You have successfully achieved your goals, making your project live!

And of course, we will be available for any support you may need following your launch.


What we can do for you...


Software for patient centered care, Hospital management, & Medical support all using ML/AI

Algo Trading

Market indicates, trading applications, alpaca markets api, backtrader, etc


Logistics, Service Teams, & Scaling Applications for enterprise level production


Experts in Craft

We’re your one-stop shop for building, launching, & growing your digital application! Our expert skills offer creative solutions & professional quality to meet your needs.

Got questions? We’re here to help!

Operating Systems


Programming Languages


Web Platforms




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