Theme Overview

  • DESIGN: Exposé Galleria
  • CATEGORY: Artist / Gallery / Informational
  • USE: Desktop / Mobile Website
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Make Directory’s Exposé Galleria Design is a premium WordPress theme that is beautiful, powerful, and fully customizable for artists, galleries, portfolios, and other creative services. Its responsive layout resizes seamlessly and looks awesome on any device. Features include custom call-to-action sliders, social media feeds, built-in contact forms, an eCommerce shopping page addition, and multiple page designs allowing you to share your creativity with the world!
As a Full-stack design and development company, Make Directory Developers offers additional services including, however not limited to; custom designs, custom plugins, custom developed platforms, eCommerce, online inventory tracking systems, and product management. In addition, we also offer personalized hosting, storage, and email plans. We'll even help setup your domain and complete server migrations, if you ever change your hosting service.
Make Directory Developers offers additional service support plans, making it easy to maintain your website; make routine backups, setup hosting, maintain your site security, monitor performance, and submit updates through our Blackboard system. All for $99/month, including 24/7 support, after your website is completed. Our monthly plan lets your businesses website be the last thing you worry about.


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