Should I Have a Side Hustle?

Published By: Kristina Chung

The age-old question of whether or not you should have a side hustle: in this day and age, it's not unheard of to have a project aside from your day job. In fact, a side project may even save you one day from the vast, scary sea of unemployment. Not only are you building skills and assets for yourself (time management skills, self efficacy, entrepreneurship, networking, etc.), you can discover what you are truly capable of accomplishing outside of conventional 9-5 incentives. And you get to make a little extra money too!

What can be a side hustle?

Anything. Are you passionate about woodworking? Why not set up a small Etsy shop and sell your goods to people who actually appreciate them? What about web development? Create a few websites for local businesses and get paid to maintain them. Learn to code and switch careers if you want! Like to thrift? Sell rare or valuable goods online while you're at it.

Even if your hustle is something like a small blog with no intention of going "big," you can add it to your portfolio as a real project that you care about. Because there is very little pressure of failure, you don't always need to know where you're going with a side project when you start.

Can your side hustle make money without creating an infrastructure from scratch? Here's some inspiration to get you started:

General Freelancing:



Skilled work/delivery:

Selling goods:

Pet sitting:

Empty room:

Web design/tech:

Voice acting:

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