Our learning curve: The Importance of Sales & Marketing

Published By: Andrew Schwartz

Our introduction to Marketing & Sales

As it turns out, marketing and sales may be the most important aspect of your business. I truly hate to admit this… but I’m trying to help us! Without the two working for your business, running it will be an upward battle. These two components will surge you into motion and jump start your business, by knocking down doors and creating channels of communication.

You. You! YOU!!

When we first started thinking about our own business, the things that came to mind were for the most part internal. We thought about ourselves, and each other, and what we wanted to become, or make of our “company.” It required questions like what defines you? What can you see yourself achieving? What image are you trying to create? How can you make a difference? What would you do if you never had to worry about money? You. You! YOU!!

Start thinking Outside the Box

Not once did we think about the external factors, like sales, our customers, marketing, and what they may want or need. We thought about how we’d what ourselves seen; never about what our customers wanted, or what would gain their trust. We thought about our story, but not their’s. We thought about our branding, but not theirs! By taking some time to adjust, we’ve learned that it's not all about you. What matters is making people happy, and for that reason business is so much like life. When you do right and over-deliver in your own means, the rest will follow suit.

If you're starting out

To all those starting something new, just remember one thing; it's not all about you! Think about those you're trying to serve, just as much as, who you want to become. We’ve found that this is the initial basis behind building a solid approach to marketing and sales, and the true plan that comes with it. Marketing alone sets the tone for who you are, when really it should be about how you can help, or traditionally, what value you can offer to your targets. While sales is a another beast consisting of inbound and outbound leads, hot and cold, aged and new, and a plethora of other traits.

What we learned

We slowly began recognizing that we needed to put time and money into this asset, as we grow. We started establishing a marketing budget to grow our audience and seize more opportunities. At the same time, we began prospecting from the other end, sales, by buying leads and joining memberships with CRMs and lead programs! Once again we are learned the importance of understanding our customers and fine tuning. And there's still more learning to be done, we aren't finished yet.

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Andrew SchwartzAndrew is the head of operations at Make Directory Developers. He holds a deep passion for computers and technology and loves to help answer questions.