3 Tools That Will Help Your Business Grow Online

Published By: Andrew Schwartz

How many people can I get on my businesses website?

Growing online is all about increasing customer bandwidth and understanding user needs. Simple questions are key to the analysis of these websites, such as how long do these people roam around my site, why are they here, and what are they clicking on. In order to help businesses answer these questions, company’s such as google, yahoo, and Microsoft have introduced website data analytic tracking software; mostly notably Google with "Google Analytics." These trackers measure and read user data creating all sorts of demographics while keeping track of everything done on a given website. This can help a company immensely by determining where their customers are clicking and what opportunities to direct traffic they have. This data also allows them to identify problems such as poor layout, bandwidth issues, poor SEO, and page-speed; this new tool represents some of the most important information available to any online website.

Organic Vs. Paid... and what's cost per click anyway?

Another great way to increase online revenue is with paid search marketing data; unlike organic SEO that relies on your sites design, code, traffic, and many other factors for ranking, these paid forms of online search engine advertising will only cost you each time a potential customer clicks hence the term CPC or Cost Per Click. These can be placed on search engines, social media websites, or other media outlets across the web and even certain services such as apps. Paid online advertisements provides a way for small businesses to advertise efficiently, however it is often extremely competitive. With a few tips and industry standard practices; the cost per click on each ad can be reduced to a standard calculated rate meaning you can determine exactly what you need to spend in order to drive a specific profit. These campaigns can be great because once they're set up and on autopilot there is no action required.

The almighty followup... email

Email Marketing and the collections of Email data is another online tool that every business should be using. First start off with a newsletter sign up, that's easy, next start keeping track of all your prospects! If you come by somebody who is just not ready to make the move today, send a followup email! This can help raise some close rates by as much as 30%. Email is easily the most common type of online advertisement and it’s also been around for quite some time. Having an active email campaign is a great way to interact and keep in touch with customers, so they know you are there when they are ready. Companies have a surprisingly large amount of control with emails and can receive analytic data regarding the delivery rates, openings, and following of links in these emails. All of this continues making email an efficient marketing tool any business can benefit from.

Whats left...

You just learned a bit about search engines, SEO, the importance of traffic, and follow up emails. Now it's time to get started! Once you've got your first campaign setup its time to start testing! Setup analytics and see whats going on when your company does something online, the insights could be invaluable.

To get started, You could always schedule a call with us or send an email to info@mk-dir.com. Make Directory offers affordable packages to help your business grow online starting with an industry analysis; then determining the best way to begin exploring online for you business.

Andrew SchwartzAndrew is the head of operations at Make Directory Developers and possesses a profound enthusiasm for computing and technology, coupled with a strong inclination towards problem-solving.
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